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Welcome to In Soviet Britannia. This cheap little piece of junk website is basically all I can get for what I can afford: $0.00 / month. And even if I had a job, yeah right, like I'd really pay to host a fan page. Anyway, In Soviet Britannia is based of Smirnov's infamous Russian Reversals, replacing "Russia" with the country of "Britannia" from Code Geass, which is still pretty soviet in its own right.

This website is dedicated to anime-based Demotivationals. Ever been in a guidance counselor's office? If so, you've probably seen a motivational poster framed up on a wall. They're basically some big inspiring picture accompanied with a big bolded word or two and then a bunch of jibberish below it that's supposed to inspire you. Well the demotivational poster (or "demotivation" for short) is basically the motivational poster's evil twin brother. At the side is merely an example.

And this is what I do here. I basically take anime screencaps and do this to them. So far, the anime series that are a part of In Soviet Britannia include Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass, Shugo Chara, Tsubasa Chronicles, and hopefully many more in the future!

  • (5-11-09) I basically scrapbooked it this week. Rather than aiming for episodes, I basically went through my screencaps that, at the time, didn't amount to anything, and then demotivated them. Again mostly CCS, but there are a few Shugo Chara ones thrown in there too. Fourteen in total, including the six from lat week that never made it out of the box. This arc also broke 100 demotivations, with the site currently at 112, not including the Tsubasa Chronicles ones that I am in no hurry to put up. This week, we have:
    • (Cardcaptor Sakura) Bootlegs, Celibacy, Contribute, Glomp, Higher Purpose, Kimono, Noobs, Schadenfreude, Subtitles, Super Sakura World, Video Games
    • (Shugo Chara) Madness, OMGWTFBBQ!, Why... So...
  • (5-4-09) The update day is slowly (okay, quickly) gravitating from Sunday to Monday. Apparently I grossly underestimated how busy Sundays are. Everybody in my family uses Sundays to have their weekly panickey aneurisms, and nobody knows how to fix a computer and remain calm. Go figure. Well I'm skipping this week entirely. I tried three different CCS episodes. My lottery hit 9 (Sword), 28-something (Shot), and 61 (Dream (Sakura Card)), and of all those, I only managed six demotivators, and all but a couple suck. Not really worth updating. Speaking of updating though, I finally fixed the Shugo Chara pages, so that the Shugo Chara, Code Geass, and Cardcaptor Sakura pages all work. (Everything except Tsubasa basically, but to be honest, those demotivations largely sucked.) This is your chance to check on the demotivations that you may have missed last week when I was updating. In the meantime, I'll be working on another side project entitled "Chaos Card Captor Sakura". (And BTW, yes, this is DrakeTheDuelist. I can't believe it took me this long to introduce myself. I mean, even for me that's bad!) This story has been an on-and-off project, mostly off, that I've been working on for a little over a couple years now. If you're familiar with it, I have a feeling that you wouldn't mind a week without demotivations if I'm finally getting cracking on it.
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