• (5-11-09) I basically scrapbooked it this week. Rather than aiming for episodes, I basically went through my screencaps that, at the time, didn't amount to anything, and then demotivated them. Again mostly CCS, but there are a few Shugo Chara ones thrown in there too. Fourteen in total, including the six from lat week that never made it out of the box. This arc also broke 100 demotivations, with the site currently at 112, not including the Tsubasa Chronicles ones that I am in no hurry to put up. This week, we have:
    • (Cardcaptor Sakura) Bootlegs, Celibacy, Contribute, Glomp, Higher Purpose, Kimono, Noobs, Schadenfreude, Subtitles, Super Sakura World, Video Games
    • (Shugo Chara) Madness, OMGWTFBBQ!, Why... So...
  • (5-4-09) The update day is slowly (okay, quickly) gravitating from Sunday to Monday. Apparently I grossly underestimated how busy Sundays are. Everybody in my family uses Sundays to have their weekly panickey aneurisms, and nobody knows how to fix a computer and remain calm. Go figure. Well I'm skipping this week entirely. I tried three different CCS episodes. My lottery hit 9 (Sword), 28-something (Shot), and 61 (Dream (Sakura Card)), and of all those, I only managed six demotivators, and all but a couple suck. Not really worth updating. Speaking of updating though, I finally fixed the Shugo Chara pages, so that the Shugo Chara, Code Geass, and Cardcaptor Sakura pages all work. (Everything except Tsubasa basically, but to be honest, those demotivations largely sucked.) This is your chance to check on the demotivations that you may have missed last week when I was updating. In the meantime, I'll be working on another side project entitled "Chaos Card Captor Sakura". (And BTW, yes, this is DrakeTheDuelist. I can't believe it took me this long to introduce myself. I mean, even for me that's bad!) This story has been an on-and-off project, mostly off, that I've been working on for a little over a couple years now. If you're familiar with it, I have a feeling that you wouldn't mind a week without demotivations if I'm finally getting cracking on it.
  • (4-27-09) If you're reading either this comment or the comment immediately before this one (also posted today) you should have noticed a switch in location. Yahoo flashed up something on Geocities that said they're shutting their Geocities servers down sometime this year, so I went and preemptively migrated the site. Well, as you will probably realize, the migration is not quite finished yet. As of this post, only the CCS demotivations section is completely moved. Other sections are still pending. There's a lot to upload. Also, there's an occasional glitch in recently uploaded pages, such that they print out in Korean. I have to edit them to take out a tag that screws up the page. I try to catch as many as possible, but I might miss something. Send in an email if you find any broken pages and I'll deal with them as soon as I get a chance. Also, in addition to the new host, I'm trying out a new directory option. Those pink bars on top of the screen are supposed to be links. Not the prettiest things in the world, but they should provide easy access throughout the site from any page. If you have any preference, send an email, with a subject header referring to the directory bar, regarding your preference for either the Demotivational Directory on the home page or the bars on every page. Until I make a decision, I'll leave both directories up.
  • (4-27-09) A tad late, but I still come bearing demotivations! Another comment was posted, again by Nasdreks (this time on the recently added Tests), regarding the medicinal value of demotivations. See, everyone? Pessimism pays off bigtime! The demotivations this round are all CCS-based, in an attempt to bring that section in line with the high demotivation counts in other series' folders. The demotivations for this week, courtesy of the TI-83 roulette, are pulled from episode 65. One said demotivation is the long-awaited "Hoee" gag. However, since I made two and couldn't decide which I liked better, I simply added both. So make sure that, if you're going to comment on either, make sure to differentiate which one you want to comment on.
    • (Cardcaptor Sakura) Deathbed, Dishonesty, Enthusiasm, Guilt, Hoee, HOEEEEEEE!, Nakuru Akizuki, Sleep
  • (4-19-09) Phew! I just barely got this update in. Pretty impressive, being able to boast a full 11 demotivations (including six brand new, never before seen CCS demotivations!) considering that, as of about 2 PM this afternoon, I had nothing. It's now 11:46 PM, and I'm coding like a man possessed! All the CCS demotivations are from Episode 61: "Sakura, the Cards, and the Present", or something like that. The Season 3 Christmas episode. I figure since I can never settle on any one of seventy CCS episodes, I just punch a random episode out from my calculator's random number generator. (And people wonder why I walk around with a TI-83+ in my pocket all the time...) But even more important than an unprecedented number of CCS additions was the even more unprecedented first comment by Nasdreks (on Booze). It also ushers in a glitch that I need to limit the length of the column so that the shrugging Amu doesn't blot out the comment, but I can take care of those as I get more comments. If I can get a steady flow of comments coming in, I might start a kiriban system, if I get any good ideas of how exactly to implement it. Still waiting on outside demotivations. As for the contents of my latest batch:
    • (Cardcaptor Sakura) Agnostic, Casette Tape, Dumb, Nazi, Tests, Wha?
    • (Shugo Chara) Five, Gandalf Fail, Introduction, Mortal Enemies, Yoink!
  • (4-12-09) It's Sunday, so the latest batch of demotivations are in. (For the Code Geass section, some of you may notice that I'm digging at Nina a lot. I'm not a Nina-hater though. She's generally pretty cool, so long as she's not messing with tables, crushing her own skull, or trying to kill people with butter knives. It just so happens that I'm currently focusing my demotivations on episodes 15-20 of Code Geass R2, in which Nina happens to appear rather frequently.) Still no outside submissions. I wonder how I'll be able to keep this up without them. Still, even though I have a ton of new demotivations this round, I left some in reserves. I also found some old CCS demotivations I made a long time ago that I can rebuild with the motivator-building site. They ought to greatly buff the comparatively-barren CCS sections. This should keep me in demotivations for at least the week. As for the new batch, we have:
    • (Cardcaptor Sakura) Economic Stimulus
    • (Code Geass) Extreme Makeover, Geass, Insanity, Oops, Sweet
    • (Shugo Chara) April Fools (kinda' late...), Cellphones, Fangirls, Innuendo, K.O., Lawsuit?!, Looks, Make Believe, Nightmares, Personal Space, String Theory
  • (4-9-09) I biffed the update for In Soviet Britannia. I was going to set the official posting date at Wednesday every week, but those are far too hectic. I'm going to shoot for Sunday instead. I only had about eight demotivations anyway, of which only about five were any good. I'll see what more I can get between now and then.
  • (4-2-09) I added a hit counter to the home page, just so I can know how deserted this place actually is. Because this place really is quite lonely...
  • (3-31-09) I wanted to post this newest batch of demotivations tomorrow on April 1st, so that this demotivation coincides with Sakura's 21st birthday, but I'm going to have a lot of work to do by tomorrow, so I'll get this in early. Still no outside submissions yet (though I expect some soon) so all the newest deviations are mine. The new batch features the following:
    • (Cardcaptor Sakura) 21 Years Old
    • (Code Geass) Booze, Cats, Crap, Duel, Hiding, History Channel, Nightmare Fuel, Nina Einstein, Pay Attention, Pizza, Stand Up Nunnaly!, Telemarketers
    • (Shugo Chara) American Idol, Fourth Wall, Heroine Fail, Main Characters, Skepticism
    • ...and, of course, Sweet (at the side of the updates archive page)
  • (3-30-09) As soon as I get this column space to work, In Soviet Britannia will be officially open to the public, and that means you can send in your demotivations to insovietbritannia@yahoo.com. Based on how many demotivations I get on average, I'll determine and post up in about a week how long I think it'll take me to update the site, and when the updates will take effect. So while you can send in your demotivations, you don't have to send them in all at once! Also, remember to send in a handle ID so I can credit your demotivations to you.
  • (3-28-09) I will not be taking any outside demotivations just yet. I have about sixty of my own to get organized and put up before I can begin that. But once I get this page established, if you have any demotivations that you would like to submit to In Soviet Britannia, please send (1) your demotivation, and (2) a handle ID with which I can credit the demotivation to the following email address: InSovietBritannia@yahoo.com. (Yes, that email address really works.) You can also use this email address to submit comments to demotivations posted up, and I will review and post them to the demotivations.

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